More Civil Unrest Training?

June 19, 2009

Alert reader ‘Michigan Patriot’ posted the following comment on my previous article National Guard Trains for Gun Confiscation :


Starting July 7th at Camp Grayling in Michigan, The Michigan National Guard will be conducting this civil unrest training for 6-7 weeks.  Something is brewing…


The previous drill I wrote on was in Iowa, and involved house-to-house searches of privately owned homes, the owners of which presumably volunteered to be extras in this security theater.


This time it’s Michigan, and at the largest military training facility East of the Mississippi.  The question remains, “What, specifically, are they training for?”  Further, why would such training involve door-to-door searches?


As a reminder to our readers, some previous links to such stories:


When some think of soldiers training for civil unrest, they assume a benevolent government response to riots and rowdy crowds of protesters.  However, given the recent Department of Homeland Security report on ‘Right Wing Extremists’ and the mainstream media’s antagonistic response to the recent Tea Party protests, one could be forgiven for having some skepticism as to our government’s ‘good intentions’.


I have attempted to find more information on the Camp Grayling training, but to no avail.  If any other readers have information, please comment in the section below. 




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