“Right-Wing Extremist” instruction kit

April 15, 2009

Hi kids!  By now, most of you have already heard about the Department of Homeland Security’s recent memo regarding right-wing extremists and the danger they pose to our society.  You’ve probably heard that these individuals may in fact support such radical and dangerous concepts as:


          limiting the power of the federal government to confiscate your earnings

          private ownership of firearms

          the Constitution of the United States


Now I know you’re probably wondering, “Gee! How can I become an extremist?”


Well, extremists and their sympathizers may include such dangerous groups as white males, war veterans and Ron Paul supporters.  So what’s a youngster to do in order to fit in?


Look no further, lads!  Barbedwiresmile is here to help with the new and improved “Right-Wing Extremist” Kit.  The following pictures have been sanctioned by the Department of Homeland Security (and the Missouri State Police) as “Right-Wing Extremist” paraphernalia!  Haven’t you always wanted to own actual “paraphernalia”?  Well here’s your chance.  Feel free to download the following pictures and share them with your friends!  Do so quickly, though.  This site could be shut down at any time as advocating “Right-Wing Extremism” which we all know leads to Domestic Terrorism.  So don’t miss out! 








Barbedwiresmile and the gang would like to thank Janet Napolitano for helping to make this possible.




[Note: Barbedwiresmile would like to remind our friends in the Department of Homeland Security that this is just a joke.  Barbedwiresmile in no way endorses right-wing extremism, domestic terrorism, Congressman Ron Paul, the Bill of Rights or the Constitution of the United States of America.  I’m hoping our friends in the Department of Homeland Security will take this all in good humor and in no way think I am criticizing their fine department.  The Missouri State Police I am less worried about.  Unless I am in the State of Missouri.  In which case I would like to ensure the State Police that I in no way support the Constitution of the United States and should not be treated as a radical extremist.]


6 Responses to ““Right-Wing Extremist” instruction kit”

  1. […] wing extremist" instruction kit – sanctioned by DHS! ?Right-Wing Extremist? instruction kit barbedwiresmile __________________ http://www.barbedwiresmile.wordpress.com "When the government fears the […]

  2. Apesofmath Says:

    I think they were referring to types like Neo Nazi, the Klu Klux Klan, and Timothy McVeigh types…not teabaggers or whatever they’re called. Isn’t it their job to protect citizens from those who would use violence to further their cause? What you described was not extremism but proactive citizenship. It’s perfectly fine if you believe in limiting the power of the federal government to confiscate your earnings, private ownership of firearms, and the Constitution of the United States (and I think it would behoove us to embrace these ideas), but when you start to use violence to uphold your ideals instead of collective peaceful action you become a threat the citizenry.

    I’m sorry, but any kind of violent extremism is worthy of investigation no matter how well meaning.

    • barbedwiresmile Says:

      That all sounds very nice. But have you read the actual reports from DHS and the State of MO? Your comment suggests you have not. I would encourage you to do so.

  3. Chris Says:

    Ape, you’re an idiot. The report specifically lists returning veterans, 2nd amendment supporters (that’s the Constitution), and those who support limited government (that’s the Constitution too) as those who are or may be domestic enemies/terrorists. 7 US Senators have already sent a formal letter of protest to the DHS.

  4. Robnes Says:

    Let’s see if I got this right:it is a self evident truth that we have a right to life,liberty and properly acquired property and if I protest the theft of any or all those rights, I am a Right Wing Extremist. Wonder what Thomas Jefferson and the rest would have said about that accusation.

  5. ellesar Says:

    Its okay for the prez to pal around with real terrorists who have actually commited terrorist acts like bill ayers. its not okay to support the constitution and the second amendment though. crazy.

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