The Second American Revolution?

March 9, 2009


I feel compelled to share this link, The Second American Revolution.


I view the dismantling of our Constitution, and hence our Republic, as a process rather than an event.  This process has been going on for decades, under the ‘leadership’ of both mainline political parties.  While I do not feel this is a new ‘event’ corresponding with the election of Obama, clearly we are now at a crucial point where this dismantling of both our Constitution and our Republic stands to be taken to a new level. In this great dismantling, I view Obama as a symptom rather than a cause.  I suggest readers take some time with this article, read the numerous supporting links, and judge for themselves.


Of specific interest is the second half of the article dealing with Obama’s ‘Civil Defense’ force – yet another layer of police in our Republic that has already been evolving down the road to police state.

Listen to Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff explain how college students are about to be forced to join (mandatory) a military organization, with boots and nice crisp uniforms. The Red Shirts are coming, the Red Shirts are truly coming and it is 2009! This joker even wrote a book about it.

  1. He will sneak legislation through Congress (since none of the Congressmen even read the bills that they sign, throwing billions of our dollars around the world in the process. )
  2.  He will also attempt the fear route (he has started this process already!).  What he needs to do is have terrorist attacks take place in America so that he can ’save us’ and create his monstrous civil police force.

More on the proposal for a civil defense force here.


Another issue this article speaks to is that of Obama’s birth certificate, an issue I assume most readers are already familiar with.

FACT : The State of Hawaii issues REAL birth certificates to people born in other nations like Russia, Japan, China and Kenya. 

FACT: Only the  vault copy of an American citizen’s birth certificate will tell what nation you were born in if you have a real Hawaiian birth certificate. Thousands of people born in South Africa, Australia and Indonesia have real authentic birth certificates that Snopes and Factcheck would say were real, all in the state of Hawaii. Isn’t Hawaii interesting?

FACT: The President of the United States has now spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent you from seeing his vault copy.  Hmmm.

It seems very obvious to me, as it does to many other observers, that Obama is not a native-born United States citizen.  What purpose would hiding a real birth certificate have?  Of what benefit would this be?  Why draw attention having dozens of lawsuits on this issue thrown out of court when he could just produce the document.  It would be so simple to simply produce the birth certificate and silence critics, to rub it in the faces of the ‘right wing wackos’ and be done with the issue forever.  But Obama has not done this.  Why?

I predict that a birth certificate will eventually be produced – once Obama and his team have had a chance to create a passable forgery, payoff all parties involved and ensure the original, Kenyan records are destroyed. 

Hospitals in Hawaii have no record ( especially the two claimed as places of Obama’s birth) of he or Mother in hospital for childbirth – ever! Just another Hmmm.

The whole world is proud of Obama and yet no hospital is coming forth and no Doctor either who delivered him. Surely a shrine would have been proposed by now, in front of the hospital that delivered ‘ The One’.  It is as if he was never born in Hawaii.  Hmm yet again.  Does this surprise anyone? Guess who claims Obama? Mombasa Hospital in Kenya.  How is it that there is a hospital in Kenya with sealed records of Obama and his mother? Sealed due to Obama’s pressure on the Kenyan government in October in Kenya. Hey, I thought he was born in Hawaii as claimed? Now you know why he refuses to let us see his vault copy of his birth certificate.  

The lies of his family in America told of two hospitals where he was supposedly born.

Only Barack Obama’s family in Kenya, which is about to have a a National Holiday for Obama since everyone in Kenya knows he was born in Kenya, claims they were at his birth, and in Kenya.

Central to any demolition of the Republic will be the final erosion of the Second Amendment and civilian disarmament.  Clearly we are headed in this direction, and have been for some time.

One Imperative for you to Save America

What you can do if you are at least 18

Even if you have never fired a weapon, do yourself a favor and exercise your constitutional right to bear arms. Buy a rifle, take some lessons and start up a hunting club. Even if you don’t hunt.  Start a marksmanship club in your college or even high school.  Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER give up your right to bear arms! Not to any government. EVER.

All the stories you hear from history – around the world – about ethnic cleansing, oppression of minorities, totalitarian regimes – none of these could have happened if the people were armed. [note: I speak directly to this issue in Gun Control: 56 Million Deaths 

The Second Amendment is the “enforcement clause” of the rest of the Bill of Rights. The right to keep and bear arms is, like free speech and religious freedom, a central part of our political heritage as a free people. We MUST preserve it.

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Thomas Jefferson

Will the history of our great nation, the history of our revolution, the words and writings of our Founding Fathers be taught to those college students conscripted into Obama’s civil police force?  Somehow, I doubt it.














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