Logan’s Run 02/06/09

February 6, 2009

Alert reader and frequent e-mailer ‘Logan’, is a fount of wit and sarcasm.  He has a habit of sending me selected new articles with a line or two of commentary.


Here’s this weeks sample:


This could never happen with Government sponsored universal health care…




Oh, wait, they have that in Japan…never mind.”





When ice is outlawed, only outlaws will have ice.



Add 1 to the latest unemployment #’s.





Is it really any surprise China is struggling? That’s what happens when you abandon true Communism and start dabbling in free markets… They should follow our example and get back to the basics of Socialism.





I never thought I’d see confiscation and redistribution in the banking industry…





Maybe if they stopped giving a house to every 16 year old girl in Britain that has a kid that might help.







So I have to assume this information is accurate. Since it’s coming from the Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the highest office in the land, it’s all but assured her comments are backed by sound data. I am a bit confused though, after having done the math.


If the legislation is not passed, 500 million jobs will be lost. There are 307 million Americans, which is 61% of 500M. Since the average month is 30 days, 61% of that is 17 days. 17 days from the date these comments were made is Feb 21. So the last American job will be lost Feb 21. Here’s why I’m confused. Since Feb 21 falls on a Saturday, do you think they’ll call people at home on Saturday to tell them they’ve lost their job or do you think they’ll wait until Monday Feb 23?  If they don’t pass this soon, we’ll lose jobs in space.  Martians will be losing jobs!



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