Will there be a single Obama cabinet nominee that pays their taxes?

February 3, 2009




First Geithner, who was ushered through and confirmed as chairman of the ‘committee to save the world’.


Next was Daschle, whose tax ‘mistake’ amounted to over $100,000 in back taxes on over $300,000 of unclaimed income.


The latest is Nancy Killefer , proposed for the position of ‘Performance Czar’, who would have been responsible for:


“making tough choices” in the budget “to address both the deficit of dollars and the deficit [ironically] of trust.”


She was nominated last month as Obama pledged to cut unnecessary spending and bring “a new sense of responsibility to Washington.” Officials said her position would restore fiscal order and reform government.


And so the question lingers – now that we’ve had three tax cheats nominated for cabinet positions (one of which was confirmed) – when will the American people have had enough?




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