Think it can’t happen here?

February 3, 2009

It’s happened before 


In a statement issued by the Food Administration it was alleged that the food hoarded was sufficient to maintain the family for more than a year and hence far in excess of the requirements for thirty days, the period recognized by Food Administrator Hoover as a “reasonable one” for residents of cities.


Note the terms ‘Food Administration’ and ‘Food Administrator’.  Also note the Food Administrator’s apparent role in determining what amount of privately stored food is ‘reasonable’.


This is the first indictment for food hoarding… since the food control law was enacted.


‘Food control law’.  That’s right.  Right here in the U.S. of A.


They will appear in court tomorrow morning to answer to the charge.


American police and courts executing their orders and arresting, detaining and trying those accused of ‘hoarding’ food.


In connection with the raid, which was conducted by local Administrator Wilson, the Food Administration issued an official statement which said: “[He] has admitted to his violation.”


Local Administrator?  Food Administration?  Admitting to the ‘crime’ of keeping a supply (‘hoard’) of food in one’s house – privately purchased and owned food – for a timeline of one’s choosing?


Ponder this before you vote to give additional powers to the state, and ask yourself, always, to what end does the state seek such ever-expanding powers.


As I have stated many times, you may feel comfortable with a given political leader, a given senator, a given president.  But that ‘benevolent’ leader will not live forever.  The power you cede to the state of your own free will, however, lives in perpetuity. 


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