How thousands of new IRS agents threaten your gun rights

April 20, 2010

To understand how the hiring of thousands of new IRS agents threatens your gun rights, it is helpful to ponder comments made at a recent press conference by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and her press secretary, Jonathan Beeton.

Wasserman Schultz (with straight face): “We actually have not required in this law that you carry health insurance.”

Beeton, in a clarification afterwards: “Yes, this is accurate.  You have a choice of insuring yourself with affordable coverage, or paying an assessment that will offset the burden you place on other insured Americans and taxpayers by not being insured.”

Wasserman Schultz (with straight face): “What we’re doing is that you will be in a different tax status if you carry insurance versus not carrying health insurance.  So you can feel free to choose not to carry health insurance – that’s just going to be reflected in the tax category that you’re in on your tax return.  But there is no requirement in this law that you must carry health insurance.”

This is a twist of logic and spin that would make Beria proud.

I was having lunch with a friend last week who I would describe as a ‘mild’ libertarian.  The subject of gun regulations came up and he asked me what I would do if the federal agents showed up at my door.  I patiently explained to him that there was little chance of any kind of mass gun confiscation in the United States.  First of all, there is simply too much area to cover and there are too many gun owners even relative to the combined forces of local, state, and federal “law enforcement” personnel.  Second, the scenes that played out would be too dramatic and make for too much poor press coverage.  Finally, it would be too expensive.

A much more likely scenario resembles the Obamacare “mandate” which, strictly speaking, is not a mandate.  As Rep. Wasserman Schultz explained, it’s not really a ‘mandate’, per se.  Rather, those who do not follow the directions of the federal government (as Wasserman Schultz said, those who “feel free”) will simply find themselves in a special tax class.  The issue instantly morphs into a tax problem, handed over to the IRS, who will presumably handle it as they would any other tax issue.

It is no great leap to envision the same issue played out with guns.  Suppose, for example, that a $500.00 per firearm tax were levied against the American people.  Take an average gun owner with 5 firearms: 2 hunting rifles, a shotgun, a .22 long rifle, and a handgun.  That would be a $2,500.00 tax.  Understand that records of firearm purchases, though not technically warehoused in a database, are open to inspection by our friends at the BATFE on demand.  Further, any firearms dealer going out of business must hand his records over to the BATFE for safekeeping.  Suppose this hypothetical gun-owning American refused to pay the tax.  No problem.  No great drama, no-knock confiscation raid or SWAT team.  BATFE simply hands the issue over to the IRS as a tax issue.  And the IRS does what they do.

First they send a letter.  Then another.  If our hypothetical gun-owning American ignores the letters, a series of actions will commence ranging from garnished wages, levied bank accounts, to asset seizures.  Even if our hypothetical gun-owning American abandons his job, his bank account and his property, eventually he will be arrested and sent to jail.  A year or so later someone will ask about him: “What ever happened to Bob?”.  Answer?  “He went to jail for tax evasion.”  Understand: tax evasion.  Not gun ownership.

When draconian gun regulations are proposed, and they will be, this is how it may very well work.  Those agents will already be in place and we all know that, once hired, they aren’t going anywhere.

Let’s try out the Wasserman Schultz logic on the subject of gun restrictions:

“There is nothing in this bill that restricts gun purchases.  Yes, this is accurate.  You have a choice of paying the fee, or paying an assessment that will offset the burden you place on other Americans who pick up the tab for negligent gun use, whether we’re talking crime of the thousands of accidental injuries and deaths that result every year from irresponsible gun use.”

“This is a common sense law.  [“common sense” is always a giveaway for leftist gun restrictions]  What we’re doing is that you will be in a different tax status if you choose to own guns versus if you do not.  So you can feel free to choose to own guns – that’s just going to be reflected in the tax category that you’re in on your tax return.  But there is no requirement in this law that you hand in your guns.”

Washington at its best.


Political Correctness Killed 13, Wounded Many More

November 10, 2009

We were sent this reader-contributed article… Thanks to Steven C from Texas

On November 5, 2009, US Army Major Nidal Hassan opened fire on a room packed with soldiers who were preparing to deploy at Ft. Hood.  Thank God, a civilian police officer working on Ft. Hood responded and shot Nadir before he could kill more.  Unfortunately, Hassan should never have been in the position to carry out this treasonous act.

News reports continue to report the wealth of information which should have had Hassan under surveillance if not in custody for questioning.  He should never have maintained a commission in the US Army; he possibly should have been in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with his jihadist friends.

On November 9, 2009, ABC news reported that US Intelligence new that Hassan attempted to contact two different members of al Qaeda.  The BBC reported that Hassan attended the same Mosque at the same time as 9/11 hijackers and began expressing his disturbing views at the same time.  Hassan was posting in Jihadist chat-rooms and arguing with other Army Officers about the US involvement in the war on terrorism.

I ask you this.  As an Captain in the US Army, MP, white male, Christian, had I been known to attend church services with Eric Rudolph, attempted to contact abortion bombers, posted rants on a chat-room justifying killing abortion doctors, and arguing with my peers that it was OK to do so… how long do you suppose I would have remained free to walk into an abortion clinic and kill 13 people there?

Oh, don’t forget to add to that list I participated in a transition team for the Bush administration…

I submit that I would have been arrested, interviewed, detained, had my home searched, my computer confiscated and forensic reviewed, and probably charged for doing no less than Hassan were the political orientations, race, and religion been reversed.

The DHS spent their time creating a right-wing hit-piece, while ignoring the ticking time-bomb named Hassan.  The US Army and US Intelligence agencies played politically correct patty-cake over Hassan’s race, religion and rhetoric… and 13 soldiers died.

List of New Bureaucracies Created by ‘Health Care’ Bill

November 5, 2009

The following list was originally published by the GOP on November 2nd, 2009, after reading through the roughly 2,000 pages of the Social Democrat ‘health care’ bill.  Looking through the list, one might be forgiven for mistaking the Social Democrat’s ‘health care’ bill for a government jobs bill.  In reality, however, this bill has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with control.  Readers are encouraged to peruse the list when they have time to fully appreciate the statist madness of this bill.

My personal favorite is #18: Demonstration program providing reimbursement for “culturally and linguistically appropriate services” (Section 1222, p. 617).

You may as well have fun reading through the list.  After all, you’ll be paying for it:

1. Retiree Reserve Trust Fund (Section 111(d), p. 61)

2. Grant program for wellness programs to small employers (Section 112, p. 62)

3. Grant program for State health access programs (Section 114, p. 72)

4. Program of administrative simplification (Section 115, p. 76)

5. Health Benefits Advisory Committee (Section 223, p. 111)

6. Health Choices Administration (Section 241, p. 131)

7. Qualified Health Benefits Plan Ombudsman (Section 244, p. 138)

8. Health Insurance Exchange (Section 201, p. 155)

9. Program for technical assistance to employees of small businesses buying Exchange coverage (Section 305(h), p. 191)

10. Mechanism for insurance risk pooling to be established by Health Choices Commissioner (Section 306(b), p. 194)

11. Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund (Section 307, p. 195)

12. State-based Health Insurance Exchanges (Section 308, p. 197)

13. Grant program for health insurance cooperatives (Section 310, p. 206)

14. “Public Health Insurance Option” (Section 321, p. 211)

15. Ombudsman for “Public Health Insurance Option” (Section 321(d), p. 213)

16. Account for receipts and disbursements for “Public Health Insurance Option” (Section 322(b), p. 215)

17. Telehealth Advisory Committee (Section 1191 (b), p. 589)

18. Demonstration program providing reimbursement for “culturally and linguistically appropriate services” (Section 1222, p. 617)

19. Demonstration program for shared decision making using patient decision aids (Section 1236, p. 648)

20. Accountable Care Organization pilot program under Medicare (Section 1301, p. 653)

21. Independent patient-centered medical home pilot program under Medicare (Section 1302, p. 672)

22. Community-based medical home pilot program under Medicare (Section 1302(d), p. 681)

23. Independence at home demonstration program (Section 1312, p. 718)

24. Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research (Section 1401(a), p. 734)

25. Comparative Effectiveness Research Commission (Section 1401(a), p. 738)

26. Patient ombudsman for comparative effectiveness research (Section 1401(a), p. 753)

27. Quality assurance and performance improvement program for skilled nursing facilities (Section 1412(b)(1), p. 784)

28. Quality assurance and performance improvement program for nursing facilities (Section 1412 (b)(2), p. 786)

29. Special focus facility program for skilled nursing facilities (Section 1413(a)(3), p. 796)

30. Special focus facility program for nursing facilities (Section 1413(b)(3), p. 804)

31. National independent monitor pilot program for skilled nursing facilities and nursing facilities (Section 1422, p. 859)

32. Demonstration program for approved teaching health centers with respect to Medicare GME (Section 1502(d), p. 933)

33. Pilot program to develop anti-fraud compliance systems for Medicare providers (Section 1635, p. 978)

34. Special Inspector General for the Health Insurance Exchange (Section 1647, p. 1000)

35. Medical home pilot program under Medicaid (Section 1722, p. 1058)

36. Accountable Care Organization pilot program under Medicaid (Section 1730A, p. 1073)

37. Nursing facility supplemental payment program (Section 1745, p. 1106)

38. Demonstration program for Medicaid coverage to stabilize emergency medical conditions in institutions for mental diseases (Section 1787, p. 1149)

39. Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund (Section 1802, p. 1162)

40. “Identifiable office or program” within CMS to “provide for improved coordination between Medicare and Medicaid in the case of dual eligibles” (Section 1905, p. 1191)

41. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Section 1907, p. 1198)

42. Public Health Investment Fund (Section 2002, p. 1214)

43. Scholarships for service in health professional needs areas (Section 2211, p. 1224)

44. Program for training medical residents in community-based settings (Section 2214, p. 1236)

45. Grant program for training in dentistry programs (Section 2215, p. 1240)

46. Public Health Workforce Corps (Section 2231, p. 1253)

47. Public health workforce scholarship program (Section 2231, p. 1254)

48. Public health workforce loan forgiveness program (Section 2231, p. 1258)

49. Grant program for innovations in interdisciplinary care (Section 2252, p. 1272)

50. Advisory Committee on Health Workforce Evaluation and Assessment (Section 2261, p. 1275)

51. Prevention and Wellness Trust (Section 2301, p. 1286)

52. Clinical Prevention Stakeholders Board (Section 2301, p. 1295)

53. Community Prevention Stakeholders Board (Section 2301, p. 1301)

54. Grant program for community prevention and wellness research (Section 2301, p. 1305)

55. Grant program for research and demonstration projects related to wellness incentives (Section 2301, p. 1305)

56. Grant program for community prevention and wellness services (Section 2301, p. 1308)

57. Grant program for public health infrastructure (Section 2301, p. 1313)

58. Center for Quality Improvement (Section 2401, p. 1322)

59. Assistant Secretary for Health Information (Section 2402, p. 1330)

60. Grant program to support the operation of school-based health clinics (Section 2511, p. 1352)

61. Grant program for nurse-managed health centers (Section 2512, p. 1361)

62. Grants for labor-management programs for nursing training (Section 2521, p. 1372)

63. Grant program for interdisciplinary mental and behavioral health training (Section 2522, p. 1382)

64. “No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza” demonstration grant program (Section 2524, p. 1391)

65. Healthy Teen Initiative grant program regarding teen pregnancy (Section 2526, p. 1398)

66. Grant program for interdisciplinary training, education, and services for individuals with autism (Section 2527(a), p. 1402)

67. University centers for excellence in developmental disabilities education (Section 2527(b), p. 1410)

68. Grant program to implement medication therapy management services (Section 2528, p. 1412)

69. Grant program to promote positive health behaviors in underserved communities (Section 2530, p. 1422)

70. Grant program for State alternative medical liability laws (Section 2531, p. 1431)

71. Grant program to develop infant mortality programs (Section 2532, p. 1433)

72. Grant program to prepare secondary school students for careers in health professions (Section 2533, p. 1437)

73. Grant program for community-based collaborative care (Section 2534, p. 1440)

74. Grant program for community-based overweight and obesity prevention (Section 2535, p. 1457)

75. Grant program for reducing the student-to-school nurse ratio in primary and secondary schools (Section 2536, p. 1462)

76. Demonstration project of grants to medical-legal partnerships (Section 2537, p. 1464)

77. Center for Emergency Care under the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (Section 2552, p. 1478)

78. Council for Emergency Care (Section 2552, p 1479)

79. Grant program to support demonstration programs that design and implement regionalized emergency care systems (Section 2553, p. 1480)

80. Grant program to assist veterans who wish to become emergency medical technicians upon discharge (Section 2554, p. 1487)

81. Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (Section 2562, p. 1494)

82. National Medical Device Registry (Section 2571, p. 1501)

83. CLASS Independence Fund (Section 2581, p. 1597)

84. CLASS Independence Fund Board of Trustees (Section 2581, p. 1598)

85. CLASS Independence Advisory Council (Section 2581, p. 1602)

86. Health and Human Services Coordinating Committee on Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1610)

87. National Women’s Health Information Center (Section 2588, p. 1611)

88. Centers for Disease Control Office of Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1614)

89. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Office of Women’s Health and Gender-Based Research (Section 2588, p. 1617)

90. Health Resources and Services Administration Office of Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1618)

91. Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1621)

92. Personal Care Attendant Workforce Advisory Panel (Section 2589(a)(2), p. 1624)

93. Grant program for national health workforce online training (Section 2591, p. 1629)

94. Grant program to disseminate best practices on implementing health workforce investment programs (Section 2591, p. 1632)

95. Demonstration program for chronic shortages of health professionals (Section 3101, p. 1717)

96. Demonstration program for substance abuse counselor educational curricula (Section 3101, p. 1719)

97. Program of Indian community education on mental illness (Section 3101, p. 1722)

98. Intergovernmental Task Force on Indian environmental and nuclear hazards (Section 3101, p. 1754)

99. Office of Indian Men’s Health (Section 3101, p. 1765)

100. Indian Health facilities appropriation advisory board (Section 3101, p. 1774)

101. Indian Health facilities needs assessment workgroup (Section 3101, p. 1775)

102. Indian Health Service tribal facilities joint venture demonstration projects (Section 3101, p. 1809)

103. Urban youth treatment center demonstration project (Section 3101, p. 1873)

104. Grants to Urban Indian Organizations for diabetes prevention (Section 3101, p. 1874)

105. Grants to Urban Indian Organizations for health IT adoption (Section 3101, p. 1877)

106. Mental health technician training program (Section 3101, p. 1898)

107. Indian youth telemental health demonstration project (Section 3101, p. 1909)

108. Program for treatment of child sexual abuse victims and perpetrators (Section 3101, p. 1925)

109. Program for treatment of domestic violence and sexual abuse (Section 3101, p. 1927)

110. Native American Health and Wellness Foundation (Section 3103, p. 1966)

111. Committee for the Establishment of the Native American Health and Wellness Foundation (Section 3103, p. 1968)

‘Cap and Trade’

July 2, 2009

Cap and Trade is nothing more than the injection of artificial scarcity into a market by the central state. It is an act of economic central planning with no basis other than the whim of the state.

How does the state determine the appropriate level at which to “cap” carbon emissions? Or anything else for that matter? The very short answer is that they cannot know. They cannot know any more than they can know the appropriate level at which to price milk.

Fundamentally, Cap and Trade is a consumption tax. However, it is a consumption tax that is virtually unavoidable by the consumer. It does not change behavior. It merely injects artificial scarcity into the market, thereby creating a host of perverse and unpredictable consequences.

Some consequences, however, are easy to predict:

Since this consumption tax is aimed directly at businesses, which do not pay tax directly, we can safely know that the overall increase in prices of goods and services that utilize carbon-based energy as a raw material will be passed on to the end consumer of said goods and services.

Since the state, and it’s professional politician ruling class, cannot possibly know the correct amount of artifical scarcity in which to inject, we can safely know that the arbitrary amount chosen will be the wrong amount.

Since the state is a proven mis-allocator of resources, we can safely know that the “revenue raised” (ie- the private capital confiscated) through this tax will be wasted.

Since the state grows in scope and power perpetually due to its very nature, we can safely say that the “revenue raised” through this tax will be used to expand the state apparatus and its associated bureaucracies.

Finally, since we know that freedom is a zero-sum game, we can understand the further enabling, financing and resulting growth the of the state to come at the expense of individual liberties.

In observing only the predictable consequences of this measure and ignoring, for the sake of argument, the universe of unforeseeable consequences, we may then understand Cap and Trade and the issue of “climate change”, regardless of its truth or merits, to be nothing more than a Trojan horse for increasing economic central planning, redistribution of privately created capital and the further empowerment of the state.


And this I must fight against

June 25, 2009

 The following was written by John Steinbeck and published in 1952.  I share this with the hope that you will enjoy and reflect upon these beautiful words.  Steinbeck saw a storm brewing, a clash of the individual against modern society, and he was horrified.  In retrospect, we may observe that Steinbeck was prescient in both his observations and in his concerns.  Let us only hope that the light and glory of the individual, against all odds, still shines within the confines of the increasingly collective society.


I don’t know how it will be in years to come.  There are monstrous changes taking place in the world, forces shaping a future whose face we do not know.  Some of these forces seem evil to us, perhaps not in themselves but because their tendency is to eliminate other things we hold good.  It is true that two men can lift a bigger stone than one man.  A group can build automobiles quicker and better than one man, and bread from a huge factory is cheaper and more uniform.  When our food and clothing and housing all are born in the complication of mass-production, mass method is bound to get into our thinking and to eliminate all other thinking.  In our time mass or collective production has entered our economics, our politics, and even our religion, so that some nations have substituted the idea collective for the idea God.  This in my time is the danger.  There is great tension in the world, tension toward a breaking point, and men are unhappy and confused.


At such a time it seems natural and good to me to ask myself these questions.  What do I believe in?  What must I fight for and what must I fight against?


Our species is the only creative species, and it has only one creative instrument, the individual mind and spirit of man.  Nothing was ever created by two men.  There are no good collaborations, whether in music, in art, in poetry, in mathematics, in philosophy.  Once the miracle of creation has taken place, the group can build and extend it, but the group never invents anything.  The preciousness lies in the lonely mind of a man.


And now the forces marshaled around the concept of the group have declared a war of extermination on that preciousness, the mind of man.  By disparagement, by starvation, by repressions, forced direction, and the stunning hammerblows of conditioning, the free, roving mind is being pursued, roped, blunted, drugged.  It is a sad suicidal course our species seems to have taken.


And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.  And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected.  And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual.  This is what I am and what I am about.  I can understand why a system built on a pattern must try to destroy the free mind, for that is the one thing which can by inspection destroy such a system.  Surely I can understand this, and I hate it and I will fight against it to preserve the one thing that separates us from the uncreative beasts.  If the glory can be killed, we are lost.

More Civil Unrest Training?

June 19, 2009

Alert reader ‘Michigan Patriot’ posted the following comment on my previous article National Guard Trains for Gun Confiscation :


Starting July 7th at Camp Grayling in Michigan, The Michigan National Guard will be conducting this civil unrest training for 6-7 weeks.  Something is brewing…


The previous drill I wrote on was in Iowa, and involved house-to-house searches of privately owned homes, the owners of which presumably volunteered to be extras in this security theater.


This time it’s Michigan, and at the largest military training facility East of the Mississippi.  The question remains, “What, specifically, are they training for?”  Further, why would such training involve door-to-door searches?


As a reminder to our readers, some previous links to such stories:


When some think of soldiers training for civil unrest, they assume a benevolent government response to riots and rowdy crowds of protesters.  However, given the recent Department of Homeland Security report on ‘Right Wing Extremists’ and the mainstream media’s antagonistic response to the recent Tea Party protests, one could be forgiven for having some skepticism as to our government’s ‘good intentions’.


I have attempted to find more information on the Camp Grayling training, but to no avail.  If any other readers have information, please comment in the section below. 



Exposing the “Born Again American” movement, again.

June 5, 2009


 In response to my recent post regarding the disingenuous Born Again American” movement , I received this response from “Erika”, who I presume is Erika Johansson, program coordinator and Producer, Remix America.


Born Again American is a new initiative put forth by Declare Yourself.


Declare Yourself is national, nonpartisan, nonprofit youth voter registration organization dedicated to making sure every American is registered to vote. is not an umbrella organization for Declare Yourself – in fact, it is a completely different organization. is an advocacy website that encourages people to organize around issues that matter to them.


Declare Yourself does not advocate any politician or policy stance. They have traveled across the nation to register voters and believe that every American should be registered and eligible to vote regardless of political party or beliefs!


Let’s take a few moments to dissect the response:


Born Again American is a new initiative put forth by Declare Yourself.


Declare Yourself is national, nonpartisan, nonprofit youth voter registration organization dedicated to making sure every American is registered to vote.


“Voter registration organization” is left-wing code for socialist activism.  It is code for getting as many uninformed, lazy, unregistered citizens as you can to register and then vote for left-wing candidates.  It has always been thus.  Please do not insult my readers’ intelligence. is not an umbrella organization for Declare Yourself – in fact, it is a completely different organization. is an advocacy website that encourages people to organize around issues that matter to them.


I provided the link from the Declare Yourself website in my previous post.  Apparently the verbiage in the “about us” section has been changed to remove reference to  Regardless, it is very clear that all three organizations (Declare Yourself, Born Again American and stand for.  Under the disguise of our Founding Documents, your organizations represent positions that are counter to the intent of our Founding Fathers as referenced in their own words.  Here’s an example:


“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself! They are the American people’s Liberty Teeth and keystone under Independence. From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere, restrains evil interference ‑‑ they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good!”


‑‑President George Washington, in a speech to Congress. 7 January, 1790 


If I am wrong, and your organization is really what it claims to be, prove it.  Here is my challenge:


I challenge the Born Again American movement, and “Declare Yourself” to take a direct position on their websites in support of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  Both websites are draped with references to our Founding Documents.  I mean, this is what an organization dedicated to our Founding Documents and our heritage of freedom would do, right?  Well, here’s your chance to demonstrate that you are in fact who you claim to be. 


Somehow I doubt you’ll accept…  Anyway, I return to your response:


Declare Yourself does not advocate any politician or policy stance. They have traveled across the nation to register voters and believe that every American should be registered and eligible to vote regardless of political party or beliefs!


Again, this is absolutely false.  Your affiliated and parent organizations are clearly left-wing front groups that take positions against the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Further, the “voter registration” code is lost on no intelligent reader.  “Voter registration” organizations exist for one purpose only: to register the uninformed and lazy in order to direct them to left-wing candidates during close elections. 


But again, please prove me wrong.  Take my challenge above and I will post a long retraction of my critique.


Erika – you work for Remix America, another site that references our Founding Documents.  This is from your ‘about us’ page


This country is a remix, it’s what we do. What did Jefferson and Paine and Adams do but mashup history, take a little from the Magna Carta, a little from John Locke, and a whole lot of rebellion. Now, thanks to the web and digital technology, everyone can join in.


This is a unique moment in our history — We can rediscover the promise of the Declaration of Independence next to the music of Louis Armstrong next to the beats of the Beastie Boys and clips of our candidates talking about “Changes.” Every one of us can own our best expressions of liberty, democracy and freedom, remix them as they see fit, and share them with the world.


Yet another reference to the Declaration of Independence.  References to Jefferson, Paine and Adams – all lovers of freedom and supporters of the absolute human right of free people to own the means of their self-defense and, thereby, to prevent government from obtaining a monopoly on the use of force.  Do you know what the Declaration means?  Clearly does not, based on the abundance of anti-Second Amendment articles.  And nowhere a mention on the websites of Declare Yourself, Born Again American or Remix America.  Why?


The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is not a “political position” any more than the First Amendment is.  You support the First Amendment, right?  Why not the Second?


Why, Erika?



Why are we calling this a bankruptcy?!?

June 2, 2009

Why do we allow the media to use this term and then piggy-back upon it?

In a bankruptcy, companies are restructured and/or assets sold to satisfy creditors ACCORDING TO RULE OF LAW.

This is a government takeover/bailout that is being referred to as a bankruptcy.

The losers are both creditors and taxpayers. The winners are the UAW presumably counterparties to CDS.

And who is buying Hummer and why is it being kept a secret?  Whatever happened to “transparency”?

Our Overlords in Washington label this bailout/takeover a “bankruptcy” and the mainstream media (of “the economy will recover later this year” fame) mindlessly parrot this term over and over again until it is adopted even by those who would argue against this action.  In reality, this is not a bankruptcy at all.  Nor was Chrysler’s.


We are in very dangerous, Orwellian territory here.


And what is a “pre-packaged bankruptcy”?  Since when is our justice administered through the courts “pre-packaged”?  Where is the justice for American ‘taxpayers’? (‘Taxpayer’: a legal term – you ceased being sovereign Americans and became ‘tax-payers’, ‘citizens’ of the Federal Government, serfs really, with the 14th amendment diktat.)


So now we are treated like the serfs we are by our Federal Overlords, with no say in what happens to the fruits of our labor, confiscated as they are by those with the monopoly on force.  Yesterday they were given to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, as laundered through AIG.  Today they are given to auto works unions.  Where will your hard-earned dollars be sent tomorrow?


If there’s any Patriotic American out there who is not yet gravely concerned, this should be your wake-up call.


Exposing the “Born Again American” movement

May 22, 2009

I recently received an email asking me what I thought about something called the “Born Again American” movement.  This movement can be found at and includes a very catchy song, the words of which can be found here.  Let’s take a moment to read them:


Just a workin’ man without a job
It got shipped off to China via Washington, D.C.
And I know I’m nothin’ special, there are plenty more like me


Just the same
I thought I knew the rules of the game

I stood up for this country that I love
I came back from the desert to a wife and kids to feed
I’m not sayin’ Uncle Sam should give me what I need

My offer stands
I’ll pull my weight you give me half a chance


I went up to a congressman and said to him “you know
Our government is letting people down”
He said he’d need a lot of help to buck the status-quo
I said there was a bunch of us around


I’m a Born Again American, conceived in Liberty
My Bible and the Bill of Rights, my creed’s equality
I’m a Born Again American, my country ‘tis of me
And everyone who shares the dream from sea to shining sea


My brother’s welding chassis at the plant
He’s earning what our granddad did in 1948
While CEOs count bonuses behind the castle gates
How can they see
When all they care about’s the do re mi

It’s getting where there’s nowhere left to turn

Not since the crash of twenty-nine have things been so unfair
So many of our citizens are living in despair
The time has come
To reaffirm that hope’s not just for some


The promise of America’s surrendering to greed

The rule is just look out for number one
But brace yourself ‘cause some of us have sown a different seed
A harvest of the spirit has begun


I’m a Born Again American conceived in liberty

My Bible and The Bill Of Rights
My creed’s equality
A Born Again American, my country ‘tis of me
And everyone who shares the dream from sea to shining sea


It’s clear my country’s soul is on the line
She’s hungering for something that she lost along the way
The principle the framers called upon us to obey

That in this land

The people’s will must have the upper hand

I felt the calling once before and took a sacred vow

And faithful to that vow I have remained
I hear the calling once again, my country needs me now
And to her cause I have been re-ordained


I’m a Born Again American conceived in liberty
My Bible and the Bill Of Rights, all people living free
A Born Again American, my country ‘tis of me
And everyone who shares the dream
From sea to shining sea
And everyone who shares the dream
From sea to shining sea


The website includes visual and written references to the Constitution and Bill of Rights and would appear to be intriguing to Patriots everywhere, right?




This is what I found: is part of the umbrella group DeclareYourself  . This was obtained from the “About Us” tab on Bornagainamerican’s website.


DeclareYourself is in turn part of the umbrella group . This was obtained from the “About Us” tab on DeclareYourself’s website.


The main causes promoted by include universal healthcare, gay rights, ending homelessness, animal rights and global warming, among others.  However, they also have much to say on the 2nd Amendment: the fundamental human right as enshrined in the Bill of Rights (a document claims to stand for).


Here are a few items from as it relates to 2A issues:


#1 Mandatory criminal background checks for all gun sales


#2 Require responsible and safe gun storage for all firearms unless they are in the owner’s direct control


#3 Allow Law Enforcement to maintain and share critical “crime-gun” trace data


#4 Restore and improve the Federal Ban on Assault Weapons


#5 Repeal the Federal law giving Immunity to the gun industry


#6 Enact National Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations for firearms


#7 Create incentives for the gun industry to make “personalized guns”




Here’s another one:


We can impose strict restrictions on gun ownership and carrying without taking away a right. Background checks and safety classes aren’t too much to ask.  Source  

Another: I support strict gun control because our addiction to guns has had two centuries to work and it has not succeeded in making us safer. Each year, more than a half million legal guns are stolen. Putting more legal guns in circulation would only cause this number to rise. More guns means more gun suicides, more accidents. And the proposition that criminals will think twice before committing a crime because the victim might have a gun is preposterous. If that were the case, they would have already stopped committing crimes.


Another: For starters, we need to acknowledge the true cost of gun ownership in the country, and make sure gun owners foot their share of the bill. Car owners have to have insurance to pay for the dangers of driving. Why shouldn’t gun owners have to carry insurance in case their guns are used for violence?


Another: Say no to loaded guns in National Parks!


Moral of this story?


Be very careful who you support among the tangled webs of those who would rob you of your humanity and hand it over to the state or collective, to do with as they wish.


There are many groups out there masquerading as Constitution-based, “take-back-your-rights” organizations.  Many of them are cover groups for leftist and/or statist activist groups.


Patriots beware.


“Right-Wing Extremist” instruction kit

April 15, 2009

Hi kids!  By now, most of you have already heard about the Department of Homeland Security’s recent memo regarding right-wing extremists and the danger they pose to our society.  You’ve probably heard that these individuals may in fact support such radical and dangerous concepts as:


          limiting the power of the federal government to confiscate your earnings

          private ownership of firearms

          the Constitution of the United States


Now I know you’re probably wondering, “Gee! How can I become an extremist?”


Well, extremists and their sympathizers may include such dangerous groups as white males, war veterans and Ron Paul supporters.  So what’s a youngster to do in order to fit in?


Look no further, lads!  Barbedwiresmile is here to help with the new and improved “Right-Wing Extremist” Kit.  The following pictures have been sanctioned by the Department of Homeland Security (and the Missouri State Police) as “Right-Wing Extremist” paraphernalia!  Haven’t you always wanted to own actual “paraphernalia”?  Well here’s your chance.  Feel free to download the following pictures and share them with your friends!  Do so quickly, though.  This site could be shut down at any time as advocating “Right-Wing Extremism” which we all know leads to Domestic Terrorism.  So don’t miss out! 








Barbedwiresmile and the gang would like to thank Janet Napolitano for helping to make this possible.




[Note: Barbedwiresmile would like to remind our friends in the Department of Homeland Security that this is just a joke.  Barbedwiresmile in no way endorses right-wing extremism, domestic terrorism, Congressman Ron Paul, the Bill of Rights or the Constitution of the United States of America.  I’m hoping our friends in the Department of Homeland Security will take this all in good humor and in no way think I am criticizing their fine department.  The Missouri State Police I am less worried about.  Unless I am in the State of Missouri.  In which case I would like to ensure the State Police that I in no way support the Constitution of the United States and should not be treated as a radical extremist.]